We are often asked why we chose the name Inertia IT Services.

In physics, inertia is a concept embodied in Newton’s First Law of Motion: A body at rest will remain at rest, unless acted upon by an external force. We find that businesses experience inertia when it comes to their computer systems: it is the time spent in setup, tailoring software to a firm’s specific needs, and training staff. Our goal is to provide the external force to help your firm overcome this initial inertia, as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Then, you will discover the positive side of inertia: a body at rest will remain at rest, but a body in motion will remain in motion. Once your business is equipped with the right technology and training, you will continue to reap the advantages in the future. Your administrative burden will be alleviated and your business will be able to provide better services to clients. We want your business to experience firsthand our motto: Get Going. Keep Going.




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